Year 2021

Time is ticking away for all of us Essentials!!!

We are still required to keep our license requirements up to date throughout all of this craziness of Mask No mask, Level red, Level Clear!!!! AUUUUUGGH

We are still here to help all of you maintain your License by providing the required CEU classes.

We still offer face to face classes and I will still be Teaching these class in person.

We can come to your shop to keep your crew safer if that is what you need.

Let us know your need and we will do our best to help!!

Still here still Strong and Still Faithful.

If you need anything Just message me Via Email and Ill do what i Can.

We also now Have an ARCFLASH training available for your Electrical Safety if you should want that for your crews.

Thank you to all of you whom have attended our classes over the years.

Stay Strong and God Bless You all.